Ideologies – Get a clue rich people

I want to espouse my ideologies fervently. Somewhere between the transitions of moments, insights shine like rubies blown free of dust by a happenstance breeze. I pluck it, shine it, and present it for all to see and wonder, and hopefully, incorporate into their lives.

Social grace is not determined by how much one owns, but by what one can command. A wealthy person today will pay close to 50% of their income to taxes. We hear them whine, that it’s unfair, that they earned it, that they should get to keep it and it’s the goverment that needs to mind its own business. Well,  the government’s business is to set forth a social system that ensures prosperity for all. If you are the individual credited with large income amounts, it is you who is also credited with fostering that prosperity. If you have more than you need, and there are those who don’t have enough to survive, then why do you feel bad helping others? Because rich people are psychopaths. If and when I become commandable of great fortune and wealth, I will constuct a social system that generates prosperity for others and I will not feel wealthy until suffering from lack of basic necessities is ended. Once the human race is united in health, our goals will also unite, and our accomplishments will accelerate.

Rich people are not in any way more deserving of a luxurious lifetime than anyone of poor financial misfortune. In this corrupt world, goal-driven hard work, dedication, and ambition can only get you so far. What determines if your ideas flourish depends on if and which wealthy brat you know and if they like you. Down with unneccessary greed, up with love and compassion.