Herbalizer Hacks

Anyone who owns this overpriced, plastic, clam-shaped corded vaporizer knows what a PITA it can be. The pieces come apart far too easily; e.g.:

  1. the rubber sheathing on upper chamber pulls/twists off easily since the sheathing-chamber mating design is seriously flawed. The attempt to use a tooth-and-groove design here fails.
  2. the rubber sheathing is too thin to provide adequate protection from heat.
  3. the whip-chamber connection breaks easily when the whip is moved from one side of the unit to the other side or pulled up with little force. This causes the built-up, resinous material on the whip’s connector to spread along the surface of the unit, thus requiring clean-up.
  4. the cord detaches from the back of the unit with little force. The user must reattach the awkwardly positioned power connector.
  5. the chamber’s upper and lower pieces unscrew easily via movement of the attached whip causing loss of vapor pressure and leakage.
  6. the bag requires vertical-alignment assistance while being filled which is taxing to the user.
  7. the bags rapidly begin to deteriorate and leak vapor.
  8. the lcd screen’s auto-dimming is hardly effective at minimizing excess glare while on in a dark room.

Finally, all these troubles may be mitigated if one is simply inventive AND resourceful.
For tips to maximize the pleasurable leisure from your device, leave a comment.

Hint: rubber bands are more versatile than duct tape for this fix-it.


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