The Most Complete GTA San Andreas Weapons/Items Map

gta sa weap map
Click here to open in a new window and use Ctrl+ to zoom in. See my notes about my contributed findings.

The original weapons map image is credited to GamerLady. I edited hers to fill in the gaps and share what I have found. So far, I’ve found a whopping 55 items and weapons that weren’t shown before and erased GamerLady’s one erroneous marking on the map. San Andreas appears to be a more dangerous place than previously surmised. My additions are mostly written in the color orange, a few in white.

To the map, I’ve added a:

1. nightstick in southern Doherty, San Fierro on walkway above street;
2. sniper rifle in Downtown, San Fierro (sniple rifer xD) on rooftop;
3. baseball bat at stadium in Blackfield, Las Venturas;
4. bribe between the on- and off-ramps for the freeway between the airport and arena in Foster Valley, San Fierro;
5. knife next to telephone pole in Bone County trailer park north of Ammunation, booyah!;
6. shield in Red County, San Andreas behind building next to AK-47;
7. bribe in Blueberry Acres, left side of town on dirt track;
8. bribe in Bone County on side road between Restricted Area and Las Veturas highway and traintracks;
9. flowers in Calton Heights, San Fierro on left side of first flight of stair on right side of uphill curvy road;
10. bribe in Rodeo, Los Santos;
11. bribe under Montgomery Intersection, east of Montgomery, San Andreas;
12. bribe under road in secret tunnel next to safehouse in Bone County;
13. sniper rifle on top of metal stairway on Stage 25 of Interglobal Television building in Vinewood, Los Santos;
14. Tec-9 on top of Sweet’s house in Ganton, Los Santos;
15. rocket launcher on top of building in downton Los Santos, Los Santos;
16. rocket launcher on level 8 of car park in The Emerald Isle, Las Venturas;
17. minigun on train bridge arch north of Easter Basin, San Fierro;
18. sawn-off shotgun in film studio in Vinewood, Los Santos; and,
19. AK47 in film studio in Vinewood, Los Santos;
20. grenades on third story of car park in East Beach, Los Santos;
21. rifle on south side of top of boulder in Back O Beyond;
22. parachute on tall support of bridge north of Easter Basin, San Fierro;
23. parachute on tall support of bridge in Tierra Robada, San Fierro;
24. camera on highway sidewalk north of Easter Basin, San Fierro;
25. flowers in driveway on southern-most beach-cliff house in Palisades, San Fierro;
26. flowers on windy road south of San Fierro in Missionary Hill;
27. camera below the city hall square in a fenced pavement in Ocean Flats, San Fierro;
28. dildo at Millie Perkins’ house in Prickle Pine, Las Venturas;
29. golf club in front of the golfing club building in Avispa Country Club, San Fierro;
30. thermal vision goggles in Zero’s shop in Garcia, San Fierro;
31. thermal vision goggles in Madd Dogg’s Crib in a room near the studio, beside some speakers in Mulholland, Los Santos;
32. bribe in the Emerald Isle, Las Venturas, floating in air after a ramp in a an alley;
33. night vision goggles on top of the first watch tower on the right as you follow the path into the Restricted Area;
34. shotgun under house awning in Fort Carson, Las Venturas;
35. thermal vision goggles at Area 69, Bone County – Inside a control room;
36. flowers on the side of the highway heading into Los Santos at the Flint Intersection;
37. flowers behind a small shop with a hotdog truck outside off the highway between Los Santos and Whetstone;
38. nightstick in movie studio’s security kiosk in Vinewood, Los Santos;
39. shield in madd dogg’s crib in Mulholland, Los Santos;
40. molotov in East Los Santos, Los Santos – In an alleyway , north of Cluckin’ Bell;
41. molotov at Ocean Docks, Los Santos next to a yellow crane and a steam pipe building; and,
42. sniper on top of tallest roof of hospital in Jefferson, Los Santos;
43. bribe in East Los Santos by the ditch’s dead end;
44. bribe in alleyway in Verona Beach, Los Santos;
45. bribe in Mulholldand, Los Santos by house at the end of a dirt driveway west of Madd Dogg’s Crib;
46. bribe on top of a rock cliff on the side of a dirt side road in Red County, north of Los Santos;
47. bribe on short dirt road connecting two loops of road in the Panopticon;
48. bribe on small, southbound road heading away from the buildings in Foster valley, San Fierro;
49. bribe behind yellow construction fence north of the demolished plot by CJ’s garage in King’s, San Fierro;
50. bribe behind dockside building in Bayside Marina, across the parking lot from the helipad;
51. bribe north of the abandoned airstrip in Bone County;
52. bribe in short alleyway with two, small wooden gates at either end in Redsands West, Las Venturas;
53. bribe in front of unique stunt ramp on right side of Shody Used Auto store by Las Venturas Airport;
54. bribe in LVA Freight Depot between Broffles Waffles and Big Banana in Las Venturas; and,
55. bribe in Bone County, south of Cluckin’ Bell in the middle of a ring of three trees on the side of the road.

This is the only all-inclusive weapons/items map for GTA San Andreas on the web or anywhere. To acheive this, I scoured the individual weapons maps available at and added them to my main map. Throughout all of those maps, there were ten erroneous markings for various weapons/items that I filtered out, thus leaving a purely correct map to share with the gaming community.
It’s cool to know that there is so much more in this game than I was previously led to believe and suspect. Knowing what’s available in the game opens up more gameplay possibilities. Fifty-five is not a small number of additions to GamerLady’s map which is a decade old. New knowledge = new data = new fun. Let me know if you find something and I’ll check it out and add it.


3 thoughts on “The Most Complete GTA San Andreas Weapons/Items Map

  1. Waa cool !! U revised ur map !! I used ur older map but added missing items (as I found playing) to my phone gallery. I only have web on cell ph. I have brain damage, (gun shot) & ADD w/no short term memory. I still play Xbox 360 (off line only). Glad U took the time to make much appreciated maps.
    Infinite thanks from my ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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