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Today is good

The weather is stunningly radiant in regards to the brilliance of the sun through the breathable, invisible fluid. Air is compact layers upon layers of varying proportions of molecules and atoms. If we could visualize the air, then we could understand more about how it behaves. The Earth is a very large, in human-scale, container for this fluid. Bats hear frequencies much higher than we can. We experience a small sliver of the universe’s offerings through our limited biological hardware and sensory software. The end goal is to have or be an intelligence that occupies the universe indefinitely while harnessing universal capabilities, ie. greater than quantum manipulation, possibly Planck scale manipulations to create a universe; A universe designed by an intelligence. This idea is not new when summed up by the previous sentence. It is new because it is saying that the human race, created by Nature, has created a super-intelligent and -capable artifact. It will be able to exploit all 11 or so dimensions of this universe and be able to create multiple universes as it sees fit.

peace, warmth, joy : August, autumn, summer sun