Secret Reddit messages encoded in hex?

post: 201507040633
author: A858
One comment replied with the one word “maybe” and is now gone.
Now there are two comments from days ago when they weren’t there 15 minutes ago.
emgee_2: “…soon…” (“2 “days ago, now says “5”)
KimYouLazyBum: “victoria was right all along” (originally posted 9 days ago, then minutes later, it says 13 days ago)
I conclude that there is some altering of the website’s code that is part of the mystery of A858. Who are these Reddit post responders?

To which Victoria is KimYouLazyBum referencing? Can that reddit user decode A858’s posts? What could Victoria have been right about?
I wikipedia’ed Victoria and clicked on “Victoria, Lady Welby,” knowing that the A858 code involves knowledge of art, literature, philosophy, and history.

She was born in 1837 (37, a number that is extremely common in important events), became a “self-educated English philosopher of language, musician and water-colour artist” (this fits the A858 pattern)
Strangley coincidentally, I had researched semiotics on wikipedia on this same very day, 7/17/15, while garnering requisite information to understand a forum posted on by a formerly incarcerated man who was involved in dealing “thought catalysts” aka psychedelics.
Now, I see that Victoria collaborated with “the founder of American pragmatism, Charles Sanders Peirce” about semiotics. I am blown away by this timing coincidence.
“She also corresponded with William James, F. C. S. Schiller, Mary Everest Boole, the Italian pragmatists Giovanni Vailati and Mario Calderoni,[2] Bertrand Russell, and J. Cook Wilson.”
Those are all very influential people of today’s world culture especially Boole’s husband, George Boole who essentially generated the mathematics to usher the 21st century’s technological advances.
“In 1937,” (notice the 37), “Shannon went on to write a master’s thesis, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in which he showed how Boolean algebra could optimise the design of systems of electromechanical relays then used in telephone routing switches. He also proved that circuits with relays could solve Boolean algebra problems. Employing the properties of electrical switches to process logic is the basic concept that underlies all modern electronic digital computers… Boolean algebra became the foundation of practical digital circuit design; and Boole, via Shannon and Shestakov, provided the theoretical grounding for the Digital Age.[37]”
Even the reference is a 37.
Anyway, it seems I have tracked the correct Victoria as mentioned in post’s comments. It makes sense that a digitally encoded message in hex would give indirect credit to its benefactor by mentioning Victoria in some way. I haven’t cracked the code yet, so I’m not sure what it says, but I can deduce from the comments that some idea or event is being posited by A858.
The code is certainly hex yet when I convert it to text, hex boxes with four numbers inside appear, along with other English, Chinese, and different languages’ symbols. Apparently, I need a unicode or something. I don’t get it… yet.
“The less our accountability to man, the greater our accountability to a higher power.” George Boole


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