and Google Sharing supposedly shows unfiltered search results unlike which censors information that the economic-government paradigm doesn’t want you to see. This was confirmed indirectly by using to search for alternative energy sources and the sites wouldn’t load. I noticed that my Firefox browser had “Google Sharing” enabled. Once I disabled “google sharing,” the sites loaded without a hitch. Google is part of that economic-government control paradigm and was attempting to continue censoring my information acquisition through remote monitoring (cookies?) and control. Get google out of your life to learn truth.



I knew it was the case all along despite conformity of lax relationship with cellphones all around me continuously: “Clear Connection Between Wireless Devices and Cancer, Experts Say.”
Finally, people can stop NOT worrying. Idiotas!

A858 clue

the titles of A858’s posts on reddit are generated by adding 103 to the previous post’s title. Ergo, 201507050745 is preceded by 201507050642 that is preceded by 201507050539 that is preceded by 201507050436 and so on the pattern goes.

Secret Reddit messages encoded in hex?

post: 201507040633
author: A858
One comment replied with the one word “maybe” and is now gone.
Now there are two comments from days ago when they weren’t there 15 minutes ago.
emgee_2: “…soon…” (“2 “days ago, now says “5”)
KimYouLazyBum: “victoria was right all along” (originally posted 9 days ago, then minutes later, it says 13 days ago)
I conclude that there is some altering of the website’s code that is part of the mystery of A858. Who are these Reddit post responders?

To which Victoria is KimYouLazyBum referencing? Can that reddit user decode A858’s posts? What could Victoria have been right about?
I wikipedia’ed Victoria and clicked on “Victoria, Lady Welby,” knowing that the A858 code involves knowledge of art, literature, philosophy, and history.

She was born in 1837 (37, a number that is extremely common in important events), became a “self-educated English philosopher of language, musician and water-colour artist” (this fits the A858 pattern)
Strangley coincidentally, I had researched semiotics on wikipedia on this same very day, 7/17/15, while garnering requisite information to understand a forum posted on by a formerly incarcerated man who was involved in dealing “thought catalysts” aka psychedelics.
Now, I see that Victoria collaborated with “the founder of American pragmatism, Charles Sanders Peirce” about semiotics. I am blown away by this timing coincidence.
“She also corresponded with William James, F. C. S. Schiller, Mary Everest Boole, the Italian pragmatists Giovanni Vailati and Mario Calderoni,[2] Bertrand Russell, and J. Cook Wilson.”
Those are all very influential people of today’s world culture especially Boole’s husband, George Boole who essentially generated the mathematics to usher the 21st century’s technological advances.
“In 1937,” (notice the 37), “Shannon went on to write a master’s thesis, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in which he showed how Boolean algebra could optimise the design of systems of electromechanical relays then used in telephone routing switches. He also proved that circuits with relays could solve Boolean algebra problems. Employing the properties of electrical switches to process logic is the basic concept that underlies all modern electronic digital computers… Boolean algebra became the foundation of practical digital circuit design; and Boole, via Shannon and Shestakov, provided the theoretical grounding for the Digital Age.[37]”
Even the reference is a 37.
Anyway, it seems I have tracked the correct Victoria as mentioned in post’s comments. It makes sense that a digitally encoded message in hex would give indirect credit to its benefactor by mentioning Victoria in some way. I haven’t cracked the code yet, so I’m not sure what it says, but I can deduce from the comments that some idea or event is being posited by A858.
The code is certainly hex yet when I convert it to text, hex boxes with four numbers inside appear, along with other English, Chinese, and different languages’ symbols. Apparently, I need a unicode or something. I don’t get it… yet.
“The less our accountability to man, the greater our accountability to a higher power.” George Boole

Intro to Perpentages (work in progress)

Why per-cent (for every one hundred a.k.a. x/100 or %)?
Why not try per-pent? The denominator is five.
Add your numerators to reach five, which is divided by five
which equals one.
Such as, picture a scenario of a girl training for a marathon.
where 1/3 of the race is in forest, 1/6 in desert, 2/9 uphill,
and the rest is on track. What perpent of the race is on track?
Solution: substitute the one in the numerator in all of the given
ratios for race landscapes with the 5. Determine the individual
perPentages, add them, subtract from five. The result is your answer to what
perpent of the race is on track. The answer happens to equal 1.94
(perpent, x/5).
For comparison, you would readily accept that 38.89% of the race
is on track because we see 1/3 as 33%, 1/6 as 16.5%, and 1/9 as
11%, so we argue that the race is on track around 38% of the time.
When we use the perpent system, the differences seem much smaller;
e.g. 1.94 perpent versus 38.89 percent.
Our minds have been instructed to learn and adapt to frequently
using the percentage scale when there really are infinite other
scales. There is no right way, but somehow the idea of an alternate
reference seems revolutionary. I personally am fond of the percentage
scaling system since it can be universally applied to any daily activity
as well as non-recreational applications in legal or professional matters.
But, as innately rebellious as I am, the notion that all ratios ought to
add up to 100 irked me to the core. So, instead of spewing chunks, I spewed
In a vein of rebellion, I sought and found a way to subvert my subverters,
the schools of thought imprinting everyone like a label, “Made in the U.S.A.
(public education system)”. Uniqueness is a fleeting feeling comprised of elation.
It means that one has properly managed the struggles of life in solitude in order
to survive. It is true that a gross perpentage of human behavior is not
unique to any individual and is, instead, hardwired in the human genome
that all humans share.
Humans are also  hardwired for original thought, however. Thinking thoughts
never thunk before is the definition of uniqueness as a personality trait.
I have lived a different life, so I am a different person, in relation to
everyone else and vice versa. It is a plain, simple, and logical fact that is
often forgotten during interpersonal interactions, according to my observations
as a human living in American society for the past 28 years. We judge and hate.
People are motivated by similar objectives that they’re almost always in the
process of achieving. So, give ’em a break, and demand one for yourself.
Soon, we’ll be dead anyway. Haha.?
how to make any number x the reference
x – (ratio 1 + ratio 2 + … ratio n)

the ignored quantitative adverb

“More quickly” DOES NOT equal “faster.” When you say, “You can do it faster,” what you’re implying is “You can do it, it’s faster than you,” because the rules of English grammar that have eluded the masses for my entire life. It’s labor intensive, clunky, time-consuming, yet, correct to use quantitative adverbs. The aforementioned troubles vanish the more you exercise the habit.
BTW, abortions are “fetal-ities.”

Lost, suspected stolen, then FOUND!

Last year, in April 2014, I lost my wedding ring of six years. It is titanium, worth about $1.5k, and has much sentimental value. It went missing over a year ago, driving me crazy (literally) looking for it, missing it, wondering where the eff it could be. I had, around the same time of week, solicited Walmart’s auto zone for a wheel change. When I got my car back, my window was busted as though someone tried to break in. The next morning, I couldn’t find my ring. I looked all over the house, in pockets, in bowls, drawers, corners, etc. I gave up after a few months.
Today, July 2015 (coincidentally a friend’s birthday), however, I was working on my busted dryer to get it to heat up while it’s operating so I made sure the vent was clear and the vent hose was securely and properly attached and positioned. Then, I moved to the front panel of the dryer that pops open by my feet. I was cleaning out years of lint by the handful that was strewn all over the working components of the dryer. Then I spotted something silvery and shiny. I thought, “This could be it. This could be my ring.” I was very skeptical as I reached my hand to grab the gleam in the pile of lint inside the dryer. Once in my hands, I knew it was my ring and a suffocating weight was cast out of my body. I examined the inside engraving for “Tiffany & Co.” and, sure enough, it was there!
I feel sooooo happy and elated. I can’t wait to tell my wife. It has been 15 months since I last saw this material possession of great emotional magnitude.
If I had been lazy or unmotivated to fix the dryer, I would haven’t found it. My luck never lets me down.
This is the same ring that I found in the woods after a camping trip. My ring fell off my finger in the dark while I was drunk one night when camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC with some friends and acquaintances. A few days later after the trip was over, my wife and I went back to look for it using a metal detector. The detector didn’t find anything and I had just given up and defeatedly plopped down next to a log. Well, believe it or not, that log had a hole in it where a chestnut had fallen. Underneath the chestnut was my ring. I found my ring in the woods after having lost it three days prior. Now, I find my ring after 15 months. I won’t take it off again.