Money over Science

For millennia, mankind has used a natural, herbal medication known as the plant genus cannabis. Cannabis was also cultivated for use in many textiles and paper, in competition with timber. It was only until the 1930’s that two powerful and wealthy men, one who was William Randolph Hearst who owned the largest newspaper business in America and stocks in timber along with Henry Anslinger who also had stocks in timber, that society questioned the use of the plant. So, with no regulatory scientific process established as part of legal action, the wildly false claims of the effects of cannabis that the two aristocrats propagated nudged itself into public consciousness, and lawmakers moved to prohibit cannabis.
Thus, without any of the FDA required procedures in place today for determining the safety, efficacy, and withdrawal of all drugs ever occurring, cannabis was unjustly placed in the US FDA list of Schedule 1 drugs.
The hypocrisy is that because it is unjustly illegal, it is also unjustly illegal to perform FDA regulations testing procedures while at the same time, a known toxin is allowed to freely KILL the masses; obviously, I am talking about tobacco.
There is a place in the FDA Schedule 1 list of drugs for a natural plant that contains and produces highly addictive AND deadly compounds, has absolutely NO medical benefit, and, did I mention, it KILLS people!? That plant in question is, dunt dunt dunn… tobacco.
Quite conversely, cannabis has a broad range of very real medical uses (it SAVES people from dying!); its potential for abuse is lower than most other drugs including legal ones such as caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and tobacco; and, finally, it does not contribute to the decline of the user’s health unlike the aforementioned, licit compounds. Then, why is cannabis vice tobacco illegal?
When it comes to American politics, the answer is and will be:  “money over science.”

Part 2
Defy that obsolete, unjust, unscientific, barbarian rule prohibiting the best medicine the world has known from coursing your system to relieve ailments such as Tourette’s, depression, painful and chronic bursitis, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It will only be a conscientious decision based on scientific analysis and innate insubordination toward government imposition.
Even the law lackeys agree.


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