I will continue to avoid those who repeatedly impose their lack of civility during interpersonal interaction with me.
Although I am overly sensitive to perceived vitriol, it seems I am subject to inordinate frequency of ostracism compared to others. It seems to occur very rapidly upon meeting someone who I deem possessing of diminished cortex. The small mind must compensate for alienation by finding familiarity. Oy, thinking of the inane hobnobbing typically occurring before me fills me with strong emotions. They declare personal information as guidance while, concurrently, they offer a template of thoughts onto which the listener may superimpose their own thoughts to discern value in the newly acquired knowledge and if a rejoinder is necessary to complete the multi-person-thought-loop via iteration of similar ideas, whether pre-conceived (i.e. memory or otherwise) or not.
Sometimes, people demotivate me to engage in this seemingly compulsory behavior. Sure, I would love to share, but has that person disproven that they possess the ability to constructively listen? Or do they interrupt me? Do they wait til I finish speaking just to change the subject? Do they pick out a word in what I said and just talk about that instead of retaining  the contextual gist of the message? If so, do they convey that understanding?

People who do not meet my standards of interaction do not deserve my effort in meeting their standards.
So, I walk alone, and that is fine.


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