The author or speaker decides to use key words that activate thought-vision modalities, e.g. “linearly” or, conversely,  “proportionately.” “You, think in the following manner: ‘linearly.'” “Additive-spatial-reconstruction mode selected. Heights and distances relate via the accumulation of a quantity of measure.” “Ah, yes. Now, think proportionately.” “I see the world as a measure upon itself so as I my eyes detect three dimensions, the distances and heights render objects vice numerical measurements, and the vision of the object is a very accurate mental reconstruction to be compared among the stream of visual data translating objects as well as memories of other objects. This comparison I make with the objects provides information about their size relative to each other, proportionately.” “Aha! Excellent. Make me some food.” “On it.”


So well-depicted

are the struggle of life and its reward in this adage I found on Quora called Bill Gates and the Fisherman:

During a recent trip to Hawaii, Bill Gates saw a fisherman lying beside his boat, smoking his pipe.
Bill Gates: “Why aren’t you fishing?”
Fisherman:  “Because I have caught enough fish for the day.”
Bill Gates: “Why don’t you catch some more?”
Fisherman: “What could I do with them?”
Bill Gates: “Earn more money. Then you could have a motor fixed to your boat and go into deeper waters and catch more fish.
Fisherman: “What could I do with that?”
Bill Gates: That would bring you more money. Soon you would have enough to buy nylon nets, so more fish, even more money.
Fisherman: “What could I do with that?”
Bill Gates: Soon you would have enough to buy two boats, maybe even a fleet of boats. Then you would be rich like me.”
Fisherman: “What could I do then?”
Bill Gates: “Then you could sit back and enjoy life.”
Fisherman: “What do you think I am doing now?”

But, it’s like, money is the root of all evil and everything, and Bill makes $8 mil in his sleep every night, even money is too innocent a motive for him it seems.

Hey. Le soja est un poison.
هيه – فول الصويا هو السم.
آهای سویا مسموم شدن است.
Hey. Soja ist Gift.
Doqonyahay. soy waa sunta baranbarada.
Hej. soja jest trucizna.
Hey. soy è avvelenato.
Ei. sojos.
Hé. soy is vergif.
Хей. соеви е отровна.
হে। সয়াসস হচ্ছে।
הלו. סוי הוא רעל.
Hei. Otrava este de soia.
Hej. soy je otrov.
Έι, καρπούς είναι δηλητηριώδες.
ए. soy जहर है।
Hei. soja on mürk.
Hei. soya adalah racun.
Привет. соевый – это яд.
Hey. Soya, zehirliyor.
Hei. soya er gift.
Hé. szója méreg.
Hey. sójové je jed.
Hey. soy er gift.
Hey. đậu nành là chất độc.
Hei. soija on.
ارے ہے. soy زہر ہے.
Hej, soja je strup.
Hey, soy is poison.
Hey. soy é um veneno.
Гей, соя є отрутою.
Hej. sója je jed.
Hey. adalah racun kedelai.
اې. soy زهر ده.
آهای سویا زهر آلود است..
Kai, soy dafi ne.
이봐, 간장 독입니다..

Classic Favorite vs. New Contender

I make the comparison between an old-time favorite vaporizer among the cannabis community, the Volcano (Digital, solid-valve), and the relatively new contender for that very spot called the Herbalizer (special edition).

the Similarities:

Price range: =$$$. Yes, hundreds upon hundreds for each.
Functionality: table-top design, corded (non-portable), button-interfacing, auto-off features,
rubber-padded-chamber-&-plastic-bag extraction and delivery system.
Bags will eventually lose hermeticity requiring replacement.
Bags will kilter and crumble while being filled thus requiring user labor to maintain the bag’s upright position until it is filled.
Cleaning/maintenance: they produce copious amounts of residual resin glands, aka hash, that can be scraped off the valve, bag, chamber, and mouthpiece surfaces for additional medication. There are fewer parts to clean when using the H. than there are for the V. the H. is thus easier to clean but provides less hash.
Bags will need to be replaced or repaired frequently.

the Differences:
Functionality: the V. uses a ceramic plate to provide radiant heat that takes minutes to achieve.
the H. uses a halogen light-bulb to quickly provide consistent heat levels.
the H. provides a tube+chamber delivery system to get around having to replace bags
the  H. also provides “aromatherapy mode” that exploits H.’s other design
                                Chamber and Mouthpiece
While both the V.’s and H.’s chamber is padded with rubber to protect
fingers from the intense heat inside the chamber, the V.’s is more
effective in providing this comfort. In stark contrast, the H.’s is
troublesome and painful since the thin “rubber” sheath is sadistically
ill-designed and detaches from the chamber with little force thus exposing
one’s fingers to intense heat. Even if the sheath manages to stay
connected to the chamber (such a poor design, Aye, Aye, Aye!), the heat is
still uncomfortable upon the fingers. Throughout all my years with the V., I
have never suffered from such low quality engineering and craftsmanship.
The H. is made in the U.S.A. and it shows.
The V.’s plastic “solid” valve clips into the chamber and holds the bag to the chamber. This plastic clip is subject to repeated mechanical stress causing predictable wear and breakage within a short time thus losing clip-ability and requiring manual effort to hold the bag on the unit while it is in operation.
the H.’s chamber very effectively attaches to the unit via magnets and the bag slides over the ejection port on the chamber similar to the V.’s easy valve.
the H.’s tube has a male fitting on one end that mates with the female ejection port of the chamber’s top piece. this mating is troublesome since movement of the whip may cause it to disconnect, again, with little force, from the chamber causing waste and frustration.
Parts are more expensive per part and frequency of replacement is higher for the H. than it is for the V.
The V.’s chamber, valve, and bag leak vapor depending on wear and damage whereas, the H.’s bag is the only leak.
The mouthpieces for each differ in the construction and method of withholding and delivering vapor from the bag. The H.’s mouthpiece is silicone and cannot be removed from the bag easily. It inefficiently attempts to seal vapor inside the bag via designed tension within the silicone bringing two sides together, like a clamp. The “clamp” doesn’t shut completely and causes loss of vapor requiring user effort to plug the mouthpiece.
The V.’s mouthpiece is two-part, heavy, plastic, and metal with a bag banded and clamped on. The user clips off the chamber and clips on the mouthpiece to prevent burning lips on the metal pipe within the bag-part of the piece. The clips break so the mouthpiece is eventually abandoned since it wont hold together thus exposing the user’s lips to high residual heat as they use the spring-shut pipe.

Aesthetics: The H. is quieter during use than V. However , H. has a loud fan with auto-on
feature that can be annoying.
the H.’s bags are much quieter than the V.’s.
One cannot customize the bag to desired length with the expensive, wasteful, and
pre-made bags that the H. offers whereas the contrary is true is using the V.
The V. is taller than H. but they have about the same diameter length.
The H.’s tube and chamber components fit inside closable
compartments, whereas the V.’s components remain disparate.
The V.’s main unit and mouth-piece are substantially heavier than the H.’s.
The H. has a monitor screen with more software than an 80’s Gameboy.
Thus, the H. is much more luminous than V. The color spectrum of H.’s light is much more blue because of the screen whereas the V. uses only led lights for numbers vice a whole programmed display. The H. has a screen auto-dim feature that is absolutely ineffective in providing appropriate light levels during night-time thus requiring the user to circumvent the problem with ingenuity.
Power usage: The V. uses 120 W (Watts) whereas the H. uses 287.5W
Reliability: The V.’s plastic “solid” valve breaks, H.’s doesn’t although the H.’s chamber’s rubber protection is shoddy.
Manufacturer: the V. is sold by Storz and Bickel, from Germany.
the H. is sold by Herbalizer, from U.S.A.
chamber 6x smaller in H, uses less material
the High:
the v. pack: once, you’re good.
the h.: pack multiple times. seems wasteful, not as full of a high, kind of like a light buzz. the V.’s high is heavy but the bags leak so you lose money and “high-potential.” The whip is more wasteful than the bag since you can’t gauge as easily how much you’re getting until you exhale. Since one should only partake of enough for the lungs to absorb thus producing a clear exhale, if there is vapor upon exhale, it is wasted. the bags give you the information about vapor density and volume. Also, if you aren’t careful about closing off the mouth-end of the whip, vapor will continue to pour out into the air causing further waste and more strain upon the user.
Bottom-line – the one thing the H. got right was the magnet. the V.’s bags are cheaper and customizable but louder and solely available for use with the unit unlike the H. alternative tube method.
screw both of em. get something reasonably priced that doesn’t wastefully leak vapor or burn you.

Money over Science

For millennia, mankind has used a natural, herbal medication known as the plant genus cannabis. Cannabis was also cultivated for use in many textiles and paper, in competition with timber. It was only until the 1930’s that two powerful and wealthy men, one who was William Randolph Hearst who owned the largest newspaper business in America and stocks in timber along with Henry Anslinger who also had stocks in timber, that society questioned the use of the plant. So, with no regulatory scientific process established as part of legal action, the wildly false claims of the effects of cannabis that the two aristocrats propagated nudged itself into public consciousness, and lawmakers moved to prohibit cannabis.
Thus, without any of the FDA required procedures in place today for determining the safety, efficacy, and withdrawal of all drugs ever occurring, cannabis was unjustly placed in the US FDA list of Schedule 1 drugs.
The hypocrisy is that because it is unjustly illegal, it is also unjustly illegal to perform FDA regulations testing procedures while at the same time, a known toxin is allowed to freely KILL the masses; obviously, I am talking about tobacco.
There is a place in the FDA Schedule 1 list of drugs for a natural plant that contains and produces highly addictive AND deadly compounds, has absolutely NO medical benefit, and, did I mention, it KILLS people!? That plant in question is, dunt dunt dunn… tobacco.
Quite conversely, cannabis has a broad range of very real medical uses (it SAVES people from dying!); its potential for abuse is lower than most other drugs including legal ones such as caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and tobacco; and, finally, it does not contribute to the decline of the user’s health unlike the aforementioned, licit compounds. Then, why is cannabis vice tobacco illegal?
When it comes to American politics, the answer is and will be:  “money over science.”

Part 2
Defy that obsolete, unjust, unscientific, barbarian rule prohibiting the best medicine the world has known from coursing your system to relieve ailments such as Tourette’s, depression, painful and chronic bursitis, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It will only be a conscientious decision based on scientific analysis and innate insubordination toward government imposition.
Even the law lackeys agree.


I will continue to avoid those who repeatedly impose their lack of civility during interpersonal interaction with me.
Although I am overly sensitive to perceived vitriol, it seems I am subject to inordinate frequency of ostracism compared to others. It seems to occur very rapidly upon meeting someone who I deem possessing of diminished cortex. The small mind must compensate for alienation by finding familiarity. Oy, thinking of the inane hobnobbing typically occurring before me fills me with strong emotions. They declare personal information as guidance while, concurrently, they offer a template of thoughts onto which the listener may superimpose their own thoughts to discern value in the newly acquired knowledge and if a rejoinder is necessary to complete the multi-person-thought-loop via iteration of similar ideas, whether pre-conceived (i.e. memory or otherwise) or not.
Sometimes, people demotivate me to engage in this seemingly compulsory behavior. Sure, I would love to share, but has that person disproven that they possess the ability to constructively listen? Or do they interrupt me? Do they wait til I finish speaking just to change the subject? Do they pick out a word in what I said and just talk about that instead of retaining  the contextual gist of the message? If so, do they convey that understanding?

People who do not meet my standards of interaction do not deserve my effort in meeting their standards.
So, I walk alone, and that is fine.

“Crank-but-no-start” ’02 Saturn SC2 fixed

Replaced the starter since car was having issue with failed starts. Once replaced, the car started during testing. After that, it wouldn’t start. I tried Dry Gas. I tried recharging the battery numerous times (battery self-drains from 12.6 to 12.35V with no electrical connections made to it). I removed the spark plug wires and tested their resistance; they were AOK. I looked inside the spark plug wells to find much oily liquid smothering the spark plugs.
“Aha!” I thought. I disconnected the negative battery cable to be safe then removed the spark plugs and cleaned them. Each of the four spark plugs were covered in different amounts of oil. I cleaned the contacts where the spark plugs are grounded by swirling a screwdriver wrapped in paper towel in the spark plug wells. Once everything was cleaned and reconnected, I tested the engine’s starting with fingers crossed. I had waited six months (Maine weather is too harsh and formidable to do auto work) for this moment. And, “VROOOOooommm!” “We have life! Once again!”
White smoke billowed out of the muffler for a good minute before tapering into invisibility. I took her for a ride to burn off the excess oil (boy, did that smell, almost like an imminent fire; err). Once the spark plugs were less fouled by oil, the engine performed more quietly, efficiently, and powerfully.
I’m glad I finally revived a great sports car that will become a collectors item after having dumped numerous $hundreds and countless hours of manergy into its ungrateful plastic body.
Also wrong with the engine was a clogged air filter from a shredded up paper towel that was carelessly wedged in front of the air intake. You can’t help but laugh, shake your head and sigh.