Be the Change…

…you wish to see in the world. Thus, I shall:

forgo gasoline-fueled vehicles in favor of zero-emission vehicles in order to diminish the impact on biological organisms and their/our environment;
be myself;
listen to others;
empathize, aid, nurture;
treat conflict with patience and understanding;


Weight of Kale (derived methodically)

For anyone curious as to the weight of the vague ingredient amount, “a bunch of curly kale,” I have measured and calculated some averages to be used heuristically.

Between two bunches of kale, I found that the average kale leaf weight (minus stem) = .4 oz.
Average stem weight = .2 oz
My bunches weighed 6.75 oz and 6.2 oz with stems and leaves intact.
Thusly, if your bunch of kale has 10 leaves, the bunch will probably weigh around 6 ounces, which is the average weight of a bunch of kale, I believe.
For recipes, try to buy kale in ~6oz bunches so that you can get 4oz of actual kale leaf from it to use.

Conclusion: average weight of bunch of kale with stems at a store = 6.5oz.
Now, the mystery is over for you chefs.

Profoundly powerful prattle

speech is.

A unique set of reactionary nervous system impulses drives physical biology into manipulating the external environment to be rendered by a completely disparate set of reactionary nervous system impulses into itself such that the externalization of the internal becomes “internal altered.”