Win 8.1 hot corners randomly stopped working?

Time to initiate task manager by pressing and holding ctrl+alt+del. Click on “processes” tab. Right click explorer.exe. Click “end task.” Click “File” in top left of task manager. Click “run new task.” Enter “explorer.exe” (without the quotation marks). Et voila!


Bereft of

Swimming pool to swim laps in,
academic fulfillment,
peace and quiet.


I’d really like to learn enough to be a researcher in bioengineering DNA machines. It’s so much money, though, and leaps in technology and understanding are happening so rapidly at the moment that, during the time that I spend learning the mere basics, more advanced work has been accomplished. I need to get on that bandwagon. I have so much drive, yet little faith.

Lactose-intolerant? Have you tried non-pasteurized milk?

A lot of people that get sick from milk think it is because of the milk sugar, lactose and their lack of an enzyme, lactase, that they have difficulty with processed, pasteurized milk. Did you know that enzymes reside in non-pasteurized milk that may help with metabolizing all the nutrients within that nourishing substance? You do now. Try it at least. You may have a new favorite food.