Who will let me inside of them? What woman can show me a good time, something I haven’t had in years? Marriage sucks, literally; it sucks out your will to live unless you have a compassionate, nurturing spouse. Men, and I am one of them, need sexual gratification to feel whole. Ergo, I am a flagging fraction at this point, trying to avoid negligibility as the days of purposeful neglect accrue more quickly than moments of fulfillment. Her spite undermines my health. But, not just her, women are too powerful here. Men fall over for trolls here just because, generally, most women are prudes and the trolls aren’t. Sigh.

But, how can I complain? At least I have a dick whereas some men may not for sundry reasons. I have time to pleasure myself whereas others may not. So, I am in a grey zone between the extremes of relative deprivation and relative prosperity. I am despairing.


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