TWC and Arris suck hard; no customer service; boycott recommended

Finally, a way to add my thoughts and experiences to the searchable archives of Google and other internet search engines.

I want to write about my frustration caused by two companies; one is close to a monopoly (which means I don’t have to take this shit) and the other is blind to customer service.

Time Warner Cable gave me a modem that has no USB driver despite numerous claims in its “easy connect guide” that to connect to the modem via USB, use the CD-ROM that came with the modem to install the driver. They gave me a useless Wi-Fi CD-ROM. I went all the way to Bangor to get help only to be denied and told someone would come to my house to help. Well, that someone came and they didn’t help.

So, I was left with the only option of trying to get the modem manufacturer, Arris, to help. I downloaded their files, followed their guides which contained conflicting information. I eventually reached a technician who said they can’t service my modem model.

TWC screwed me with a shitty Arris modem. Fuck both of those companies. Do not use them.


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